#Event "Prega-Sol" | Cooperative Exhibition: V9, Survive!garage, Sesama | November 17th - 7:30 PM | 📍 SURVIVE! Garage #Yogyakarta.
We cordially invite to visit "Prega-Sol" exhibition at SURVIVE!garage. It is a rare opportunity to meet with the creators of V9 Gallery in Warsaw (Poland).
They will present a group show dedicated to silkscreen. 
Project is part of art-in-residency of V9 collective in Sesama, community art space in Yogyakarta, dedicated to develop cooperation between Poland and Indonesia. Sesama is part of Razem Pamoja Foundation.

opening November 17th
7:30 PM

Jalan Nitiprayan No 99
Ngestiharjo, Kasihan, Bantul Yogyakakarta

V9 is a place created by Vlepvnet collective to celebrate urban art, street art and related phenomena. We present exhibitions, conduct workshops and discussions, and provide artists with space and tools for creative activities. We try to present in-depth look at the graffiti and street art. We reject decorative and instrumental treatment of urban art. We draw out what’s swept under the carpet: the ugly forms, impolite emotions.

We try to organize projects that expand the field of discussion about streetart. We present exhibitions of recognized artists as well as debuts, but always strive for raw and authentic street art.

Through the gallery V9 one can buy the most interesting works of Polish street artists. For those interested in building a collection of streetart works we offer a counseling and consultation.

Screenprint studio is the heart of V9: here are executed posters, stickers, publications, and commercial orders. The studio can also be used by our guest within the workshops and courses addressed to closed groups.

Timetable of performing/DJ's:

8:00 Kevin Murf (V9)
9:00 OTONG (Yogyakarta)
10:00 GOLEMTEK (Adam Gruba, Sesama)


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