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A starting point and an inspiration for this exhibition is the history of the XIXth century, illustrated by the story of an Indonesian painter Raden Saleh and his tendency for self creation and balancing between colonial cliches, imaginary of Europe and so called exotism. Saleh moved to Europe for 20 years to practise painting. While founding „exoticism” he transformed into an „exotic” painter depicting fights of wild animals and styling himself as Prince of Java. After coming back to Jakarta he underwent an opposite „Western” identity transformation. The exhibition at Kersan Art Studio gathers works of Polish and Indonesian artists who somehow touch the problem of cultural cliches and self creation, dressing up and playing with stereotypes. It presents works of artists from photography collective Mes 56 based here in Yogyakarta. Some of the pieces by Polish artists were created here, on Java, or are inspired by this area, some of them were made for this particular exhibition and will be presented here for the first time.
The exhibition is one of the projects realised during the art residency of Emilia Sobczuk and Franciszek Orlowski invited to Sesama cultural center by The Razem Pamoja Foundation.

Curated by Emilia Sobczuk


Yudha Kusuma Putera „Fehung”
Justyna Górowska
Agan Harahap
Marcin Kaliński
Robert Kuśmirowski
Franciszek Orłowski
Joanna Piotrowska
Katarzyna Sobczuk

Opening: February 21st 2018 19:30
21 - 28 Feb. 2018 Mon. - Sat. 10 - 19

Kersan Art Studio
Jl. AS. Samawaat no 154 Ds ll Kersan RT06, Tirtonirmolo, Kasihan Bantul
Exhibition is a part of galleries networking program for artist-in-residence in Sesama supported by The Razem Pamoja Foundation.

Big thanks to Kersan Art Foundation for help and support our idea and exhibition.

Big thanks to Marta Lissowska for the poster design
Graphic: Raden Saleh “Study of walking tiger”

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