[POSTER HCSE UI 2018!] Hello, Future Challengers!
We’re excited to present to you our official poster of HCSE UI 2018! Spread this to your friends and let’s embrace our future together! What will we do in HCSE?

There will be a talkshow by:
1. International Office Universitas Indonesia - “Exchange Program : How to Be Well Prepared”
2. Workshop & couching clinic by Yuda Prihartono (Editor in Chief TopCareer.id) - “Journalism va Copywriting”

If you’re interested in joining this talkshow and workshop, please fill this form below!

Check our social media for more information!⬇️
Line: @hcseui
Twitter: @hcse_ui
Instagram: @hcse_ui

📲 Nickyta (081932947400/nickytacahayap)
📲 Nindya (08111100280/nindster)

#HCSEUI2018 #FightForYourFuture #FutureChallengers #CareerandScholarshipsExpo #depok #acaramahasiswa #acarakampus #jaringacara #infokampus #jakarta #jawabarat — view on Instagram http://bit.ly/2qri75B


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