Mila Art Dance School Workshop Bersama Penari: RIANTO

1. Lengger banyumasan
Time : 16:00-18:00 Wib
2. Contemporary dance “connectivity body and transformation“
Time : 19:00-21:00 Wib
at Mila Art Dance School

Banyumasan : 150K
Contemporary : 160K
2 Class : 300 K


Admin Wa 0897-3449-356 (Candra)

Support by @makeover.jogja
Mila Art Dance School Workshop

Contemporary Dance & Lengger Banyumasan with RIANTO / @rianto.ddc (Choreographer, Dancer & Dance Teacher from Solo Indonesia )

Biografi, RIANTO
Born in 1981 Kaliori village, Banyumas, Rianto trained in classical Javanese dance and Javanese folk dance from a young age, specialising in the cross gender form of Lengger. A graduate from Indonesia Arts Institute of Surakarta, the leading Indonesian Institute for Performing Arts, Rianto has been based in Tokyo, Japan since 2003 where he founded the Classical Javanese dance company, Dewandaru Dance Company. He has worked with a spectrum of international choreographers, performance makers and companies whilst remaining dedicated to his training and own voice for contemporary Javanese performing arts.

His first full length Solo work under his own direction, Medium premiered in 2016 and following further development in 2018 tours through Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific. He work with Indonesia movie director Garin Nugroho Riyanto for the movie of “ Memories of my body “ inspired by Rianto journey of his life. Rianto is dedicated to supporting the from of Lengger and greater artistic communities of Banyumas “ Rianto Dance Community “ he has established an annual village festival Kendalisada Art Festival with the regional government to support the community and next generation. Currently, Rianto embarks on a new research phase into the cross gender traditions and transgender performance across the Indonesian archipelago. This research will develop into an exhibition, publication and new stage work.
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